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I’m Marcy Phelps, President of Phelps Research, Inc. I’m a former librarian turned business owner – and  a licensed private investigator. You won’t find me doing surveillance, hunting down deadbeat spouses, or any other type of work that comes to mind when you think about private investigating. Using my computer and interview skills, I help prevent fraud.

My clients are institutional investors – asset management firms, commodity pool operators, M&A professionals, and others. Before they invest, I compile comprehensive profiles on the people and companies behind their investments. And while we always want to know about past accomplishments, our main goal is to uncover any red flags, both professionally and personally. Those include litigation, bankruptcies, regulatory actions, inability to play well with others, and more.

I also get to work with some of the nicest clients a person could ask for, and – in the process – I occasionally save them from investing with the likes of Bernie Madoff.

My background is as an information professional, so my interests lie in finding, managing, and sharing information. Yes, I confess. I’m an information geek. I love uncovering facts and opinions that clients need for making big decisions and coming up with new ways to package the analysis for my clients.

My goal for this blog is to help you find ways to cope in the information age – how to learn, grow, and prosper from it, rather than drown in the deluge. Whether you’re an investment professional, librarian, investigator, or anyone else dealing with large amounts of strategic information on a day-to-day basis, I hope this blog will make your work – and your life – just a little easier.

Feel free to peruse this website to find out more about me, my company, and why our clients choose Phelps Research. In the meantime, keep an eye on this blog – and please feel free to join the conversation!

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