At Marcy Phelps & Associates, we specialize in research and analysis. Working with businesses, attorneys, and non-profits, we find what our clients need to know.

Are you making decisions based on reliable information from an unbiased third party?

Investing your or your clients’ money? Make sure you get the full story – not just the negative news. Our profiles provide a 360-degree view of your subject.

Deciding on whether to go forward with a lawsuit or how to collect on your judgment? Open-source asset profiles, with analysis and summaries from our lead analyst, will help you plan your next steps.

Need to know more about your opposition or potential partners? Knowledge about the other party can expose red flags and give you the advantage.

Our professionalism

Marcy Phelps, an experienced and highly-respected investigator, business owner, and Certified Fraud Examiner, manages every aspect of your case.

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