Online court searching – What I’ve learned

Stack of court records with judge's gavel

When I first started in business, my research focused on market trends, the competitive landscape, and buyer preferences. I had little need for public records searching, especially online court documents, and chose to refer that kind of work to the experts. Fast forward several years and, after transitioning from market intelligence to background investigations and […]

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After the search – What’s next?

Step by step concept on the wooden desk background

As a professional investigator, I specialize in research, so most people assume I spend my days asking questions and running online searches. They picture me completing the search and sending results to my clients. Found it. Now I’m done. Move on to the next search. But, as you’ve heard me say, there’s more to research […]

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Best marketing advice I’ve ever received

vintage megaphone with one person speaking to many

Since starting my business, I’ve had the honor of mentoring with some of the top people in the business, including Amelia Kassel, Mary Ellen Bates, and Kim Dority. They all gave me the same advice: Speak to many, instead of just one. As solopreneurs, they said, we don’t have time to meet each prospective client […]

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Top post: Six myths about asset investigations

puzzle pieces and dollar bill illustrating hidden assets

The following was originally posted in May 2019. Every one of these still holds true. When I talk with clients about conducting an asset search, whether it’s for due diligence purposes, litigation, or identifying fraud, I frequently come across several misconceptions about how these types of investigations work. Over time, I’ve noticed that these myths […]

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Top post: Why I’m a mentor

board with mentoring words

Updated and republished from last year, because it’s such a timely topic. There’s not much I’d add, except this: Even if you’re not ready for a formal mentoring situation, think about one thing you can do this month to help someone who is just starting out. January is National #MentoringMonth¬†here in the U.S., and, as […]

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Finding financial assets online – When to start the investigation

financial statement documents to show assets

In situations where you’re investigating fraud, heading to court, enforcing a judgment, or preparing for a divorce case, it’s likely that you’ll need to conduct an asset investigation. You’ll want to look at the evidence and determine net worth, observe spending habits, and identify assets and sources of income that can go towards debt repayment. […]

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