Text sign showing Are You Ready Question. Conceptual photo Be Prepared Motivated Warned Readiness Aware written on Notebook Book on the Green background Marker and Pen next to it.

Searching online public records – How to prepare

Searching public records such as corporation filings, recorded documents, and court records can be the most challenging type of online research – even for the professionals. I’ve been searching online information for more than 20 years, and public records never cease to amaze me. No uniformity among jurisdictions, missing records, clunky search tools, and other […]


information overload

Too much information: Now what?

TMI. Too much information. Can the results of an investigation or research project provide so much information, that it’s overwhelming? To you and your client? A recent question from a colleague reminded me that it’s not always about finding too little or, worse, no information. Here’s what what happened during a background investigation she was […]


Can you trust what you find online?

Buyer beware: Can you trust your information sources?

In a recent post, I talked about the importance of verifying your sources, and, in response, many of you have asked me this: “How do I know if I can trust the information I find?” The short answer? You really can’t. Fake news and bad information are not new. Librarians have been curating collections for […]