Letters spelling out Real and Fake

The curious case of the counterfeit crypto CEO

A recent report exposing glaring red flags surrounding a collapsed cryptocurrency fund and their CEO earns this investment and its players a top spot in the Due Diligence Hall of Shame. The warning signs were so obvious, it’s hard to believe that anyone checked before getting involved. The Guardian Australia’s investigation revealed that Steven Reece […]


Yellow flags in due diligence background investigations

How to spot a scoundrel – Part 2

In due diligence, investigators look for different types of warning signs, often categorized as red flags or yellow flags. I’ve already talked about red flags, issues that turn up in the background check which, on their own, could jeopardize the investment or partnership. In this post, I’ll cover yellow flags – warning signs that individually may […]


red flags-due diligence background checks

Warning signs: How to spot a scoundrel

Running a due diligence background checks is a great way find out if if someone is not as honest as they appear – before you agree to do business. To do this, investigators look at past and current behavior to help predict the likelihood of future fraudulent activity. It’s the “once a crook, always a […]