Letters spelling out Real and Fake

The curious case of the counterfeit crypto CEO

A recent report exposing glaring red flags surrounding a collapsed cryptocurrency fund and their CEO earns this investment and its players a top spot in the Due Diligence Hall of Shame. The warning signs were so obvious, it’s hard to believe that anyone checked before getting involved. The Guardian Australia’s investigation revealed that Steven Reece […]


spices and food needed to prepare food showing mise en place

Preparing for a due diligence background investigation

One of the things I remember most about my late son, known in the restaurant world as Chef Denn, is our conversations about how preparation is the key to success in the kitchen. He suggested that the rest of the world would benefit from the practice of mise en place, or having everything you need […]


Trust, but verify

Top post: Hedge fund due diligence investigations FAQ

Originally posted in November 2021. I still get these questions. As a private investigator, my area of specialty is fraud. I help my clients spot it and prevent it. One way I do this is with hedge fund due diligence background investigations, also called background checks. Through the years, I’ve been asked a lot about […]


Trust, but verify

Hedge fund due diligence investigations FAQ

As a private investigator, my area of specialty is fraud. I help my clients spot it and prevent it. One way I do this is with hedge fund due diligence background investigations. Through the years, I’ve been asked a lot about hedge fund background investigations and what’s involved, and I’ve discovered that there are lots […]


soccer ball with goal posts - focus on your goals

5 goals of due diligence background investigations

In investigations, clients often ask us to “find everything.” They haven’t decided exactly what they want to know, so they ask for it all. Even if we could find everything, it wouldn’t be worth the time and expense, so, through a series of client conversations, we narrow things down to some basic objectives for each […]


stack of newspapers

Top post: Background investigations – Don’t skip the media report

This post was originally published in September 2018. Due diligence background investigations come in all flavors. They’re generally customized according to industry, level of risk, and time constraints. There’s one component, though, that should be included in all background checks on people and companies–the media report. What’s a media report? It’s the section of a […]


Shamed businessman with sack over his head

Top post: Due Diligence Hall of Shame – The other guy checked them out

This article was originally published in June 2016 and was first in my due diligence hall of shame series. I’m still intrigued by the lack of due diligence and recently heard this case discussed during a webinar on Fraud and Pop Culture with Kelly Paxton and Jo Erven. I’ve been collecting articles that illustrate some […]


Word cloud for due diligence

What is due diligence?

In looking over past blog posts, I’ve realized that I frequently write about due diligence, but I’ve never really explained what it is. Also, judging by the questions I get, there are lots of misconceptions about what it really is, what it’s used for, and why someone would bother taking this step. So, what follows […]


Go the extra mile for your clients

After the background investigation: What’s next?

You’ve finally completed the due diligence background investigation. You’ve gathered your findings, analyzed the results, and written and sent your report. Time to cross this one off your to-do list and bask in that wonderful feeling of a job well-done. Or maybe not – because due diligence background investigations don’t end here. What else could […]


proactive due diligence investigations

Top post: Conduct a background check on yourself – It’s worth it

This post was originally published in May 2018. Have you ever run a background check on yourself? I’m not talking about just googling your name. I’m talking about checking court and other public records, news, and even social media, and taking a deeper dive into your digital footprint to see what others might find out […]

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