Make The Right Choice

What Chart Type to Use?

One of the biggest challenges when creating effective charts is deciding which type to use. I’ve found that the best way to choose the appropriate chart is to listen to the words in the message you want to convey. What types of comparisons are you making when looking at the data? For a recent workshop […]


"That's okay I don't know what the chart means either."

4 Rules for Designing Better Charts

When you’re working with numbers, charts can be an effective way to tell your story. These types of visualizations simplify complex ideas and help us understand and communicate what’s relevant in the data. However, when your chart’s not done right, it will have the opposite effect. A poorly-designed chart can lead to misinformation, confusion, and […]


Visualization: How to choose the right graphic

Displaying research results in a visual format adds impact and brings clarity where words often fail. Whether you’re creating an annual report, executive summary, or a presentation for your CEO, charts, graphs, and maps provide analysis and help readers understand and remember the information you deliver. When I lead workshops on information visualization (it’s not […]