Lessons learned about business–and life–from Chef Denn

On July 22nd, my husband and I suffered the heartbreaking loss of our dear son Dennis, known to all in the restaurant world as Chef Denn. Only weeks before, Dennis, his brother Dan, and business partner Andy realized their dream and opened their restaurant, Point Easy. In the days and weeks since Dennis’ death, we’ve […]


Goals for the new year

What I’ll do differently in 2021

Say what you will about 2020, it was definitely a learning experience. The end of the year is always a good time to reflect and plan for what’s next, and this crazy year is no exception. So, I was in a reflective mood anyway, and then John Hoda asked to interview me for his podcast. […]



What I’ve learned about entrepreneurship & fighting fraud

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and International Fraud Awareness Week, and today’s Wall Street Journal tells us about the emerging entrepreneurs during the “Covid Economy.” In addition, I’ll soon begin my 22nd year in business. All of this has led to lots of thoughts about the crazy career path I’ve taken and my journey from librarian to […]


2019 to 2020

What I learned in 2019

Happy New Year to all! I’ve always loved this time of year. Days start getting longer, there’s optimism in the air, and it offers an opportunity for a fresh start. I also like to reflect on the past year and lessons learned. 2019 was full of surprises, and it had its ups and downs – […]