Holiday wishes

Happy Holidays written in sand at the beach

As we close out this year, I’ll give 2021 a mixed review. Lots to celebrate, certainly. Yet sometimes I wonder how we managed to love, laugh, create, and learn during such a wild, wild year. In a year filled with uncertainty, major cultural shifts, and more than a few honest-to-goodness WTF moments, how did we […]

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Giving thanks

Thank you

This week in the U.S., we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Several years ago, I wrote about how thankful I was for for the people who make a difference by sharing their knowledge. Nothing’s changed on the list, and I could have just re-posted it, but a lot has happened over the past couple of years, […]

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Hedge fund due diligence investigations FAQ

Trust, but verify

As a private investigator, my area of specialty is fraud. I help my clients spot it and prevent it. One way I do this is with hedge fund due diligence background investigations. Through the years, I’ve been asked a lot about hedge fund background investigations and what’s involved, and I’ve discovered that there are lots […]

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Things this private investigator doesn’t do

No Thanks note on stack of business papers

After becoming a private investigator, I discovered that investigators are a diverse group. We have different backgrounds, areas of specialty, and clientele. We also have different work styles, and, over the years, I’ve discovered some of my non-negotiables, like doing client work on weekends and not verifying degrees until I have the proper paperwork in-hand. […]

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Investigative research – What makes it unique?

investigations and magnifying glass

Research is research, right? As a private investigator and fraud examiner, I conduct a lot of research on people, companies, industries, and trends. Which is what I also did as a market researcher before becoming an investigator. Back then, I gathered information from online and human sources, looked for patterns, and transformed my findings into […]

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Spotlight on fraud: Catching up on the Elizabeth Holmes trial

file folders for fraud and investigations

For fraud fighters worldwide, the spotlight is currently on the Elizabeth Holmes criminal trial, which started last week in San Jose, California. The case, U.S. v. Elizabeth Holmes, et al., is the culmination of a broad investigation into Holmes’ and her then-boyfriend Sunny Balwani’s…”allegedly deceptive representations about their company and its medical testing technology” and […]

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Top post: How to become a private investigator

Door to private investigator's office

This updated post was originally published in May 2020. How do I become a private investigator? People often ask me this question, and I generally offer some standard advice, but I decided to tap into my network of fellow PIs to see what else I should be  telling others about breaking into this exciting and […]

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The best parenting skills for working with clients

parenting 101 on a chalkboard

Some of the best client management tips come from the parenting experts. No, I’m not advocating that we treat our clients like children. In fact, my favorite advice is based on the Golden Rule and treating children–and our clients–like equals. Treat them just the way you would want to be treated if the roles were […]

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