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Association of Independent Information Professionals

I belong to several professional organizations, and none offers the value that I get from the Association of Independent Information Professionals, or AIIP. In the past, I’ve written about why I belong to AIIP, but a recent discussion on the association’s private email discussion list prompted me to write the following post:

Every so often, I’m taken back by what I learn and accomplish in my business,  thanks to my AIIP membership. So, for all on this list, including those considering leaving this great organization, here is my latest list of things  that remind me of the value I get from my AIIP membership –

Through this list, I was recently directed to a researcher/investigator in a small town in Europe. Thanks to her knowledge of the local court system and the right people to call, she found that – in spite of what one hedge fund manager told my client – his lawsuit was not settled, and he was actually pursuing an appeal. My client was so impressed, I’ve saved her email.

Through the vendor benefits program, I spend a mere $39 per year for business  book summaries. Just one of those led me to make changes in my processes that increased my productivity, which has led to more revenue.

Thanks to people I’ve met at conferences and worked with on the AIIP board and committees, I’ve had numerous business and speaking opportunities that led to more business.

I guess I’m at that time of my life, but I’ve recently been taking stock of things. I’ve realized that some of my best friends and worthwhile personal connections have come through AIIP (in spite of being all over the political spectrum). I can’t say that about any other organization.

Bottom line, any investment – especially one so inexpensive – that helps you amaze a good client, make more money, and meet great people is definitely worth it.

Thanks, AIIP!

I’m fortunate that I’ve found a group like this. The association and the members speak my language, understand my needs, and get why I’m so passionate about my business.

Have you found your tribe?


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