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Looking back at some blog statistics, it seems that readers can’t get enough of Google alternatives. Google is great, and – I must admit – it’s my usual starting point. But Google has its limitations, and sometimes we need more.

Maybe it’s more privacy. Perhaps you need something more specialized. Or maybe you’re frustrated with Google’s limitations, so you want more options.

Here are some Google alternatives that I’ve recently come across and have been testing out: 

You can search for videos with Google, but then you have the privacy problem that comes with it. If Google’s lack of privacy bothers you, check out Petey Vid, which claims to be the first video search engine that does not save or sell user information. In my test searches, I found that Petey Vid supports phrase searching (by using quotes), and you can limit searches by duration. Also, you can sort results by duration and newer/older.

Technically not a Google alternative since it’s a Google product, Dataset Search helps you discover data for just about any topic. With an index of nearly 25 million datasets, this tool lets you filter results by type of dataset (table, images, text), usage rights, and updated date. Brief descriptions will help you decide if you want to follow the source links.

I love to listen to podcasts while walking the dogs or working out, but it’s difficult to find something new and different. That’s where Listen Notes comes in handy. With nearly 900,000 podcasts and close to 60 million episodes, it’s easy to listen and learn. Filter results by language, duration, and publication date or sort by relevance or date. You can even create your own playlists or search others’ lists.

The quality of Google News is declining, and it’s hard to zero in on localized news or types of sources. Enter NewsLookup, which arranges results by location of the source and type (newspapers, TV, radio, Internet). A handy feature lets you search and display results by document parts, such as document body, meta keywords, and meta description.

Perhaps you want to search, protect your privacy – and make a positive impact. If so, then try Givero, a Denmark-based meta search engine that offers more privacy than Google. And each time you search, Givero donates half of their advertising revenue to certain causes. You can pick your favorite cause, or Givero will split donations between selected nonprofits.

Let me know what you think of these Google alternatives. Do they help or hinder your quest for more information? Can you suggest any others to add to the list?



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