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Well, I’ve survived another family Thanksgiving here at Casa de Phelps. Many years ago, when I married into the family, I had no idea what a fun ride it would be. This crew really knows how to throw a party. Thirteen people and six dogs crowded into our home this year to celebrate, enjoy each others’ company, and give thanks, and, as usual, I’m thankful that I married into this crazy clan.

At this time of year I also like to give thanks for those in my professional world, especially colleagues who share their knowledge. I learn something new every day from a variety of experts – people who get that it’s OK to share, and, in fact, we learn and grow from teaching others.

Here are some of my favorite people and groups I rely on for staying up-to-date:

General research tips and sources:

ResearchBuzz – From Tara Calishain, this blog focuses on search engines, databases, digitization projects, and other online information.

Best of the Business Web – Bob Berkman compiles a monthly newsletter, which lists top sources for “quality, credible and substantive business information.”

Phil Bradley – A U.K.-based internet expert, Phil uses this site as a landing page for his blogs, articles, directories of resources, and much more.

PI business:

PPIAC – The association leaders have worked hard to advance the private investigative business in Colorado by helping our legislators see the importance of PI licensing laws and through their conferences and monthly educational events.

Diligentia Group blog – Brian Willingham is a New York-based private investigator and certified fraud examiner who posts in-depth articles covering investigative techniques, resources, and tips.

Chuck Sullivan – I am forever grateful that this long-time PI and great guy taught me the business and helped me make the transition from researcher to investigator – then trusted me with his clients when he retired.

Running my business:

The Reluctant Entrepreneur – This book and blog by Mary Ellen Bates offers insights and motivation for “solopreneurs.”

AIIP – The only association dedicated meeting the needs of owners of independent, information-related businesses, I recently wrote about why I continue to renew my membership.

My SSW group – A small collection of fellow info pros, we meet every few months to share ideas, motivation, and accountability. (Note: Anyone who guesses what SSW stands for gets a free copy of my book, Research on Main Street: Using the Web to Find Local Business and Market Information!)

Many thanks to all the experts who share their knowledge and help make us all a little smarter every day!



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