Even more Google alternatives

Google alternatives

Google alternatives still reign as the most popular posts on this blog, so I’ve decided to share some more with you. And since Google eliminates features almost weekly, it’s a good idea to try some specialized search engines to handle what Google can’t.

Yippy – Clustering results into topics helps with narrowing your focus and getting up to speed on a new or complicated topic. Yippy handles this well and searches the deep web, offering results you may not find elsewhere.

JURN – Sometimes you need some research-based information. Enter JURN, which searches millions of free academic articles, chapters, and theses on Business, Science, Arts, and other topics. Unlike Google Scholar and other sources, though, this site uses its own “hand-crafted and curated index” for better results.

Zanran –  If you’re looking for data or statistics contained in graphs, tables, and reports, try Zanran. General-purpose search tools like Google tend to look for text, rather than numerical information, so this is a great way to zero in on exactly what you need.

It’s never a good idea to rely on just one search engine, so be sure to try something new. And, as always, please feel free to share any specialized search engines that you’ve come across.


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